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Renting during alert level 2

Alide Elkink  |  May 25, 2020

New Zealand is now moving well down the Covid-19 alert levels, so how does this change things for tenants?

Maintain physical distancing and good hygiene

You are once again able to do many of the things that you could do before lockdown but must remember to maintain physical distancing from people not known to you and keep up good hygiene practices such as handwashing.


You can move into a new rental property and may be assisted in the move by family or friends, or use a moving company. Physical distancing is not an issue with family/friends but professional movers must maintain physical distancing. In either situation however, numbers involved in the move should be fewer than ten.

Viewing properties

Viewings of properties may also be carried out but these must be limited to a maximum of ten people. This means there will be no more open home viewings when everyone turns up at the same time and viewings are likely to be by appointment only.

Contact tracing procedures must be observed but this also occurs as a usual part of the letting process so the property manager should have contact information about the prospective tenants.


Inspections may now be carried out again and as previously, you may be present if you wish. You must observe physical distancing if you wish to be present so we ask that you stay in your room or go outside during the inspection. At Nightingales, we notify you the week prior of our intention to carry out an inspection. Disposable gloves will be worn by the property manager.

You cannot refuse an inspection of their rental property without ‘reasonable grounds’. Although reasonable grounds are not specifically defined, a ‘reasonable ground’ is likely to be for example, a tenant who is at serious risk from Covid-19.


Regular maintenance may be undertaken. At Nightingales, we are organising some of the maintenance scheduled to be carried out before the lockdown, to now be undertaken. As previously, you will be notified in advance before any tradespeople come to your property.

In apartment buildings

For apartment dwellers, you should continue to follow the more specific precautions required when living in an apartment building. For example:

  • if there is hand sanitiser at the building entrance, use it when you enter and exit the building.
  • if there is no hand sanitiser provided, wash your hands frequently i.e. before leaving and on returning to your apartment.
  • if you need to use the lift, wait until it is empty and only use it with your own bubble.
  • where possible, use an elbow or knuckle instead of fingers on frequently used surfaces such as door handles, stair rails and lift buttons in common areas.
  • avoid using communal facilities such as gyms, swimming pools or other communal areas.


For more information about renting during alert level 2, go to the Government website at