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Checklist when vacating a property

When you vacate the property, please leave it clean and tidy

If you prefer, we can arrange for a commercial cleaner and/or gardener to clean and tidy your rental property. Payment for theses services will be taken from the bond money.


Fridge/ freezer 

Please remove all food. Defrost and clean the inside. Wipe down the outside to remove  marks. Switch fridge off but please leave the door open.

Kitchen cupboards 

Please remove all food. Clean inside of the cupboards, wipe shelves and outside of cupboards.

Microwave, stove, oven                                 

Please clean stove top, inside of oven and inside of microwave. All should be grease-free. Wipe down the walls beside the appliances. If the stove has a warming drawer, please ensure this is clean too. Please do not use harsh scourers that may damage surfaces.

Other appliances 

Please leave all appliances clean and free of marks. Empty breadcrumbs out of the toaster.


Clean toilet, handbasin or vanity, shower and bath. Remove soap residue from shower walls and soap dishes. You may need to use a specialist shower cleaner. Please do not use harsh scourers that may damage surfaces.


Empty all drawers, cupboards and wardrobe shelves. Don't forget to check under the bed.


Remove lint from dryer and washing machine.

Light bulbs 

Replace all faulty light bulbs.

Cleaning generally

Clean all surfaces including light fittings, skirtings, and window ledges. Vacuum the floors.


Please remove all rubbish from the property.


If there is a garden, please leave the lawns mown and the garden tidy.


Please close all power, gas, and telephone accounts.

Final inspection 

Please arrange for the final inspection and key return with us. If all is in order, the bond can be returned to you.

The checklist is a guide only. Please leave the property in the same condition as you would like to find it.


Moving is a stressful time. We hope that this helps make it as stress-free as possible.
Good luck in your new home.