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Our services

We provide a full property management service


We will look after all aspects of your rental property




Our services include



Finding tenants

We find good tenants by:

  • advertising on TradeMe and our website
  • interviewing prospective tenants
  • carrying out credit and reference checks

Once we have selected suitable tenants, we:

  • notify you of our selection
  • complete all required documentation
  • receive the bond* and the first rent payment from the selected tenants
  • lodge the bond money with the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) Bond Centre.
*Note: Bond may be no more than 4 weeks rent.

Collecting rent

Tenants pay rent weekly or fortnightly by automatic payment into the Nightingale Properties Trust Account.


We monitor payments on a daily basis so we know immediately if a rent payment has been missed. If a tenant misses a payment we will:

  • send a text to advise the tenant
  • issue a 5-day notice of rent arrears 
  • issue a 14-day notice to remedy i.e. advise them that they must pay the arrears within 14 calendar days
  • apply to the Tenancy Tribunal to recover the arrears
  • apply to the Tenancy Tribunal for termination of the tenancy if the arrears is not paid
  • enforce the Tenancy Tribunal order through the court system.

Negotiating rent increases

We negotiate rent increases to ensure that your property continues to be let at market rates.


Note that under s.24 of the RTA, rents may only be increased once in every 12 month period from the beginning of a tenancy. Tenants must be given at least 60 days notice in writing.

Making payments to and on behalf of owners

We pay rent monies into your account at each mid and/or end-month period, whichever you prefer. We will also pay land and water rates, body corporate levies and any other expenses on your behalf if you wish us to.

Carrying out property inspections

We carry out detailed property inspections every 3-4 months and provide you with a comprehensive report including photographs of each inspection. This gives you assurance that your property is being well looked after and maintained.

We also carry out an entry inspection within 30 days of a new tenancy, and an exit inspection when tenants vacate a property.

Dealing with maintenance issues

We can arrange all necessary maintenance and repairs of your property including:

  • cleaning
  • lawn mowing and garden maintenance
  • general maintenance.

We have a team of reliable and efficient tradespeople to carry out maintenance and repair work but we are happy to use your selected tradespeople if you prefer.

We flag and advise you of maintenance or repairs that will require attention in the future.

We can also project manage large maintenance and repair work where required.

Managing disputes

If it comes to a dispute* with a tenant, we prepare the application for dispute resolution under The Residential Tenancies Act 1986.

We will attend attend mediation on your behalf,  attend Tenancy Tribunal Court hearings if an issue is not resolved satisfactorily through mediation, and place outstanding debts with a debt-collecting agency.

*Note: We do not charge you for any of this work.

Keeping you informed

We provide you with your own secure webpage so that you can be kept fully informed of the status of your property. The secure webpage allows you to view all the documentation regarding your property including:

  • financial statements including rent monies collected and payments made
  • end-of-financial year income and expenditure statements
  • invoices from tradespeople
  • inspection reports
  • any other relevant reports.

Monthly financial statements are sent to you electronically as well as being available on your personal website page. We will post them to you if you wish.

Inspection reports that keep you up-to-date on the condition of your property are also sent to you electronically.

We also keep you informed about the latest developments in legislation, regulations and market conditions.