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Rental appraisal

How do you know whether the rent you are receiving is right for your property?

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We can provide a rental appraisal that will give you the confidence to know that you are receiving the right rent for your property. The rent you receive should:


  • reflect current market rentals
  • attract quality tenants
  • keep vacancies to a minimum.



Let us appraise your property today

When we appraise a property we consider external and influencing factors including:

  • current rents on comparable rental properties
  • local market conditions
  • historical statistics and seasonal fluctuations
  • any special features of your property.


Free appraisal

If you would like us to appraise your property, please contact us directly, or you can fill in an online Rental Appraisal Request Form HERE, or download a rental appraisal request form.

We can also do an appraisal of your property if you need it for financial purposes. For this service we charge $150.00 + GST. (Please note that this cost will not be charged if you choose to sign up for our full property management service.)


Please note: If your property is tenanted, please arrange access with the tenants or provide contact details so that we can make contact with them.