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Tenancy vacating form

If you are ending your lease you must give us notice in writing

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  • for a periodic lease – at least 28 days before the date you intend to vacate
  • for a fixed-term lease – at least 28 days before the end of your fixed-term lease.


Notice to terminate a lease

The notice to terminate a lease is effective from the time that we receive it at our office.


Important information for remaining tenants

When one tenant wishes to leave but other tenants are staying in the property, it is essential that all of the tenants, that is, those who are remaining, those who are leaving and new tenants, sign a Bond Centre Change of Tenant form. This must happen each time there is a change of tenant. The Bond Centre will not release the bond at the end of a tenancy if the names of the tenants they have on record do not correspond with the names on the bond refund form.

It is tenants' responsibility to ensure that when flatmates leave, everyone (remaining, leaving and new) sign the Change of tenant form.

New flatmates must be registered as tenants in the property. Prospective new flatmates should therefore complete an application form on our website [Tenants>>Apply now].


Tenancy vacating form

You can download Tenancy Vacating Form as a pdf. Alternatively you may send us an email or write us a letter. Please note that if you send a letter, that you must allow time for the mail delivery.