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Our points of difference

We offer something different to other property management services

Why are we different?


We know houses!


Because we have more than 45 years of combined building industry experience:


  • Len has worked in the construction industry, both hands-on building work and project management (i.e. overseeing building projects) before moving into real estate and then property management, so his experience is wide and varied
  • Alide is an architectural designer and a freelance technical writer for the building industry with over 30 years of design experience.


Our combined building industry experience means we have the skills to identify maintenance and repair requirements as soon as or even before they occur. And we know how to deal with them.


We know the property management business


Our team has knowledge and experience of the the property management industry:


  • Kirsty has been working in property management for over 20 years. She knows the industry inside out.
  • Gerard's long term IT background means he has the specific skills and experience for managing the database and the daily running of the office.


We have a great team of tradespeople on hand


Over the years we have established strong working relationships with our tradespeople. And they provide us with excellent workmanship and service. When repairs or maintenance work need to be done, our tradespeople are on hand to do the work.

(Please note that we are also happy to use the tradespeople of your choice if you prefer.)


We care about tenants as much as we care about owners


We pride ourselves on taking as much care of our tenants as we do of our property owners. We recognise that happy tenants:


  • are likely to be long term tenants, and
  • will care for their home.


We know the real estate market


With approximately 12 years of real estate experience before moving into property management, we know both the real estate and the rental property market. The broad market knowledge mean that Nightingales can ensure that you get the best return on your property by:


  • maximising the occupancy of your property
  • ensuring that you receive current market rental for your property.


We keep you fully informed


We keep you fully informed about your property by providing you with your own secure webpage on which you can view all details of the status of your property. We also keep you informed about what you need to know as a rental property owner under New Zealand law.