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Should tenants be insured?

Alide Elkink  |  May 10, 2018
In a word – YES!

Your landlord’s insurance will not cover your personal possessions. Furthermore, under the Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill (No 2) (see my previous blog article, Careless damage caused by tenants), if you or your invited guests cause any damage, you are still likely to have some liability for the reparation.

How much liability?

When your name is on a tenancy agreement, you take on a shared responsibility for the whole tenancy. This means you can be held liable for damage caused by any of the other tenants or invited guests regardless of whether you were present at the time the damage occurred.  

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Types of insurance

So if you are renting, Nightingale Properties recommends that you have insurance. There are two types of insurance cover:

  • contents insurance that will cover your personal property
  • personal liability insurance that will give you cover in liability situations.


Our recommendation

As a tenant, you should go to an insurance company and find out what they can offer you and discuss

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